It's not the Destination. It's how you get there.

Let us find you your perfect ride!

About Me

VDH Automotive LLC Wholesale and Auto Broker

Founder, Mike VDH has had a passion for cars since birth. Our unique experiences and love for cars have brought us all together to share our passion. Our group can find you the car you want, need, or always dreamed of!

What We Look For

We look for the right cars for our clients.  Whether you are a dealer, collector, salvage rebuilder or parts house, we can find what you are after.  Our extensive knowledge of automobiles will get your business moving quickly or add the perfect addition to your driveway or garage.

Where To Find Us

We are based in the center of the USA in Colorado Springs, Colorado making us a perfect pick for your Auto Broker or Wholesaler.  We have access to most dealer auctions and a network from coast to coast.


Just for Fun


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